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The Authority's regular Board meetings are held in its office located at 1019 N. 12th Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32501 on the dates included in the Meeting Schedule, unless otherwise published in the NOTICE Section on this page. Current meeting information is also posted in the window of the Authority office. As meeting dates are subject to change, please check this section regularly. The agenda for each Board meeting can be downloaded from this page.

Download the 2020 Meeting Schedule



The Authority publishes its annual Board meeting schedule in the Pensacola News Journal (PNJ) prior to its first meeting each calendar year. Notice also appears in the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) weekly meeting advertisement published in the PNJ on the Saturday before a scheduled meeting. The Authority may also hold committee meetings for various purposes during the year. When two or more Board Members will attend such meetings, or where the meeting is otherwise required by law to be open to the public, notice of such meetings will be posted on this page. Additional notices may appear in the BCC weekly meeting notice for the scheduled date or in the PNJ. All noticed Authority meetings are open to the public. Interested persons are advised should they decide to appeal any decision made by the Authority with respect to any matter considered at a meeting, they will need a record of the proceedings of the meeting. Since the Authority does not make verbatim records of its meetings, such person may need to independently secure a record that should include the testimony or evidence on which the appeal is to be based. Persons who need accommodation to attend or participate, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Authority Administrator at least five (5) business days in advance of the meeting.


The Escambia County Health Facilities Authority hereby provides notice that its next scheduled meeting for November 17, 2020 has been CANCELED. The next schedule meeting will be held on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at 4pm (Central).

Meeting Agenda Package

October 22 2019
November 19 2019
December 3 2019
December 17 2019
January 14 2020
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