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The Escambia County Health Facilities Authority Charitable Grant Program

The Escambia County Health Facilities Authority established its charitable grant program in fiscal year 2005 after receiving a substantial payment from financial transactions connected with its Series 2000 Healthcare Facilities Loan Program Bonds. The Authority has to date provided more than $1.5 million in grants to local non-profit organizations.

The photographs on this page show the Snow Room at the Lacey A. Collier Snoezelen Complex which was dedicated to the Authority in honor of the grant provided to the Snoezelen/Westgate Foundation in 2005. This grant provided necessary funding to complete the acquisition of the equipment and furnishings for the facility. The Snoezelen Complex, which is located on the campus of the Escambia Westgate School in Pensacola, was designed to expand and enrich the sensory world of children with disabilities.

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Sensory School EntranceSnow Room Photo 1Snow Room Photo 2Snow Room Photo 3Snow Room Photo 4Snow Room Photo 5Certificate of Appreciation

The Grant Program:

The initial grants were made to assist with Hurricane Ivan disaster recovery for the non-profit health care organizations which had received bond financing through the Authority, and other charitable organizations providing health care related services to residents of Escambia County. As the community began to recover from the hurricane damage, it became apparent that many smaller charities in the community could use a helping hand with needed upgrades to their facilities or other projects which their regular source of income could not cover. The Authority decided to expand the grant program to increase charitable giving in the county.

The Authority does not intend its funds to replace sources of revenue already in place for the organizations, as such use does not increase funding in the community nor provide enhancement to programs and services designed to develop and maintain the public health.

The grant program is designed to accomplish the Authority´s traditional statutory mission to finance capital projects. The types of capital projects which may be funded though the grant program include structures, machinery, equipment, furniture, furnishings, information technology and software, and related fees and expenses of contractors and vendors to construct, install, and complete the project. Projects which expand, enhance, renovate, remodel and improve the facilities are included. The definition of capital project does not include the provision of funds to pay for overhead or administrative expenses. Grants are not loans and do not have to be repaid by the recipients. To be eligible for a grant, applicants must be non-profit organizations with Section 501(c)(3) status located in Escambia County, Florida, whose primary activity is to provide health care related services to residents of the county. Other eligibility requirements must also be met. The Grant Program Guidelines can be viewed on this page. 

Please contact the Administrator for additional information.

ECHFA Grant Policies - 2022.pdf